2021 was way better than 2020. Right?

Ok, so I may sound extra ambitious there but 2021 was another exciting year for me personally.

Yes, there’s still a global pandemic and yes, we’re never getting “back to normal,” but I am once again choosing to focus on the good I…

Whew, 2020 am I right?! (Insert played out joke here.)


Ok, time to forget bad jokes and move past all the muck that came with 2020. I mean, how can I sit here and bitch about 2020 any longer when Megan and I successfully brought a healthy baby boy…

Ahh the 2010s a decade of great change and challenges in my life…

Lost two close family members
Multiple miscarriages
Moved to AL
Had a son
Got divorced
Moved on my own
Re-connected with Megan
Got fired
Worked for a start-up
Megan moved in
Unemployed a second time
Married Megan
Multiple miscarriages
Began as an adjunct instructor
Began work at Aflac
Became a…

It started with my weekly email from Jon Gordon. The title was “55 Days, There’s No Better Time Than Now.”

Upon opening it, the first line said “Counting today, there are 55 days left in 2019.”

Whoa? What? Reality-check. As you’re reading this now there are even less!

The email…

I began my journey into minimalism just under two years ago. In the beginning letting go of the clutter was easy.

I said goodbye to extra pots and pans that made my last two moves with me. I said goodbye to outdated clothes and those extra pairs of shoes lying…

Tod Meisner

#boydad x2 | Educator | Speaker | Minimalist | #SocialMedia Brand Manager | Adjunct Professor | Avid Indoorsman | ⚾️ Fan | 🥃 Drinker | #aflacket

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